Sketch Book


In 2016, metal fabricator Cory Fass stripped his chopper motorcycle down to the naked frame. When he welded, I observed. I asked questions while he was grinding steel and polishing aluminum. I learned about motorcycles, design, craftsmanship, and a lot about Cory Fass. 

To Say Something is sixteen lessons, sixteen things I learned or confirmed about saying something through visual elements during the hours spent witnessing a custom chopper come to life in a Kansas City double door garage. This class is to help photographers, visual communicators, draw closer to their unique expression, to point to something, to say something. 

Splash of Color

Working in black and white for an extensive time has taught me how to see in tones, think in gradients, appreciate contrast, identify separation and overlap, seek out texture, recognize shape, work with repetition; and make the most of high, mid, and low tones. A black and white image can be far more than a color image minus color. But working in black and white for an extensive time has also increased my appreciation for color as a component of visual grammar. 

3716 20190414.jpg


The contrast of pinks and greens are what give this flower the separation needed to be the star of the stage.

Cory MacNeil