Sketch Book


In 2016, metal fabricator Cory Fass stripped his chopper motorcycle down to the naked frame. When he welded, I observed. I asked questions while he was grinding steel and polishing aluminum. I learned about motorcycles, design, craftsmanship, and a lot about Cory Fass. 

To Say Something is sixteen lessons, sixteen things I learned or confirmed about saying something through visual elements during the hours spent witnessing a custom chopper come to life in a Kansas City double door garage. This class is to help photographers, visual communicators, draw closer to their unique expression, to point to something, to say something. 

Back Yard Pool: Photograph Essay

The pixel density of Apple retina display, pixels so small they are indistinguishable as points of light, and no transition border from pixel to pixel no matter how close you look with the naked eye, make photograph editing a pleasure. 

But I still prefer 4” x 6” prints when it comes to the final draft picks for a large photograph essay. Cheap prints through a delivery service gives me something to hold, stack, shuffle, sort, compare, toss, retrieve, turn over, order, pile, flick, tear, overlap. 

A big table in open soft light at a library gives me space to work out the all important order of the photographs for the essay, a task not as well suited for the limitations of even the biggest screen. 

Cory MacNeil