Sketch Book


In 2016, metal fabricator Cory Fass stripped his chopper motorcycle down to the naked frame. When he welded, I observed. I asked questions while he was grinding steel and polishing aluminum. I learned about motorcycles, design, craftsmanship, and a lot about Cory Fass. 

To Say Something is sixteen lessons, sixteen things I learned or confirmed about saying something through visual elements during the hours spent witnessing a custom chopper come to life in a Kansas City double door garage. This class is to help photographers, visual communicators, draw closer to their unique expression, to point to something, to say something. 

Constraint of One Line

Art flourishes under constraints and restraints, self imposed, situation imposed, or imposed by someone with a hand or stake in the outcome. These line drawings came to life for me under the freeing constraint of drawing each with just one line, the Apple pencil never leaving the iPad glass.

Cory MacNeil